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Welcome to my Web site!

This is the small world of Luis Eduardo Alvarado, a systems control engineer dedicated to the development, integration and testing of control algorithms for the Drone Formation  Control Systems, DFCS and the TCS at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), New Mexico. The Target Control System (TCS) is similar to the DFCS system with additional capabilities; such as tracking a wide variety of GPS objects using a TDMA L-band data link and the capability to control ground vehicles using the CRISS data link.  I have also supported the Gulf Range Control System (GRDCS) at Eglin AFB. Presently I am working for the PHD WSMR Desert Ship Navy contract. Recently integrated a 3DOF simulation program. Actively looking for a more challenging job where my Navigation, Guidance and Control expertise can be better utilized. 

The secret of developing control algorithms is to first create a mathematical model that represents the system you want to control. Different software tools are available to facilitate the development of a theoretical model; my favorite ones are MATLAB and SIMULINK. Once you know the dynamics of the system the rest is much easier. Of course, if you have a chance to use optimal control methods such as the Least Quadratic Regulators do it, that will save you time in the long run.

If you are interested in control systems or digital signal processing, I encourage you to visit my UAV & Target control web page. In that page I talk about my current work developing intelligent path finding algorithms, kalman-bucy filters, and control systems using MATLAB and SIMULINK. I also talk about abut my new job supporting the development of a new target control system for ground vehicles. I also mention my previous experience developing theoretical models of systems, developing motion detection algorithms and supporting different DOD programs at WSMR. 

I am also a member of several professional engineering associations such as American Aerospace Industry Association (AAIA), National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) and the Mexican American Engineering and Scientists (MAES). In 2007 I published a paper in Artificial Intelligence for UAV guidance and given conferences in San Diego and Sonoma. I also gave a similar presentation in New Mexico Tech on 6 November 2008 attending an invitation from Dr. Hector Erives, professor of EE at NMT:

In October 2009 I presented "A model based design for the WSMR Ground Target Control System" to graduate students and faculty from New Mexico Tech. Tank you Letter

Recently, I had the opportunity to work as consultant for one of the companies that  bid the TEAS contract at WSMR. They gave me the opportunity to be part of the oral presentation team. This is the second largest engineering contract at WSMR, about 25 million dollars per year for  5 years.

I will  be very interested in working as a consultant for UAV and Target work. My expertise in targets/UAV, including the QF-4 aerial target, Army DFCS and Air Force GRDCS target control systems, and my good reputation in the target community would be an asset to the bidding companies.  I can offer the following capabilities to your company:

  1. Twenty four years of experience in Air Force and Army targets. Well known and appreciated by the WSMR and Air Force target community.
  2. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in Control Systems. Multiple continue education courses in Digital Flight Control Systems, GPS Navigation, Airplane flight dynamics and control, UAV design and computer programming courses.
  3. Familiar with target aerodynamics.
  4. Experience developing 6-DOF simulators for the QF-4, QF-106  and other subscale targets.
  5. Expert in target/UAV navigation, guidance and control. Please read my following publications and presentations:
    4. Mexico Tech Presentation.pdf
  6. Experience with both the WSMR (DFCS) and the Air Force Target Control Systems (GRDCS).
  7. Senior Test/Control Engineer during the development and testing of the QF-106 and the QF-4 target. Wrote the master test plan for the DT&E IOT&E and O&T for the QF-4 target at WSMR
  8. Know the onboard control laws, maneuver functions, data loss escapes, fail safe logic, payload control, data link and TVI functions.
  9. Acquainted with the WSMR QF-4 Flight safety requirements.
  10. Familiar with the mistakes made during the development of the QF-4 target.

  I am also interested in work relate to Modeling and Simulation. Please read my M&S experience

  1. Alvarado Modeling and Simulation Experience.pdf

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 Here is a copy of my resume:Luis Alvarado Resume

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